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Fitness & Figure Competitor, Fitness Model, Spokesperson, Motivational Speaker and Personal TrainerStaci Boyer photos


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  Breaking News: Staci Boyer is named the Miss Illinois organization's official trainer! Read Press Release.

  Visit Staci's You Tube page to to watch her and her friends in action! Competition action that is.

  Once again, Staci was photographed as the cover model for a new paranormal novel. See cover artwork here

Staci was named NYStrength Fitness Director of the year 2007!

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Word of Mouth Testimonial

"Hi Staci,
Wanted to tell you I went to the doctor today for my physical and my blood sugar levels at fasting averaged to 85 in the last three months, this is incredible to me since I have had fasting sugars of as much as 130 in the past. My strong family history of diabetes has put me at the risk for this disease and the fact that I had gestational diabetes with both of my pregnancies has put me at an even higher risk.

My blood tests also showed that my good cholesterol is better than my bad cholesterol which my doc says is "phenomonal". Yeah!!

And last but not least, in the past year I have lost 12 pounds!! I went from 126 to 114 but have been advised not to lose anymore ... how many women my age can say that they don't want to lose any more weight?!? Lucky me!!

Anyway, this news is thrilling to me, to feel as good as I do and know that I am so much healthier is wonderful. Thanks so much for all you have taught me this past 10 months. You are a wealth of information and I very much appreciate it, (also you make me laugh :)).


P.S. I want a defined cut at the shoulder, got any new exercises I can do to get this?

"  Staci, looking forward to class on Wednesday. I wanted to let you know that I moved a class that I am teaching this month (investment class) to Thursday nights from Wednesday just so I wouldnt miss your asskicking each week. I didn't feel I could miss 4 weeks and still be able to sleep at night. See you on Wednesday! 

Kevin Jordan